Shih Tzu Grooming Products for a Basic Grooming Kit

If you own a Shih Tzu, chances are you need good tools and equipment since this breed of dog is known for its long, flowy coat that need more than the usual amount of maintenance. However, making the decision to groom your pet is not only a practical decision money-wise, it can also help you and your dog bond more. Here are a few Shih Tzu grooming products to get you started.


Pin brushes and combs

Pin brushes have metal bristles and rounded tips to protect the skin during brushing. The metal bristles are flexible and suitable for detangling matted coats. You will also need a metal comb that has wide teeth in one side and narrow teeth on the other that you can use to check for mats after brushing and for making top knots.


Doggie clippers are designed to cut straight across without injuring your dog and should be used weekly to keep the nails short. Long nails prevent the pads from absorbing the pressure when your dog is walking and may cause discomfort to your dog.

Shampoo and Conditioner

There are many types of shampoos and conditioners for dogs out in the market. For Shih Tzus, choose a shampoo that removes dirt and oils without making the skin dry. You can opt for organic shampoos if regular dog shampoos irritate the skin, which happens when the skin under the coat turns red and your dog develops a scratching habit around these areas. Opt for good quality conditioner to keep your dog’s coat shiny, glossy and moisturized.

Dental Products

Never use human toothpaste when cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums. Human toothpaste contains an ingredient that is harmful to dogs. Canine toothpaste is the only option and your dog will love it since it comes in various flavors like chicken or beef. You can use canine toothbrushes or simply dip a piece of soft cloth in the toothpaste and rub over your dog’s teeth and mouth to remove food bits and clean his breath. If you want something more natural, you can create a baking soda and water paste and use this instead of toothpaste.

Grooming your beloved pooch becomes so much easier and enjoyable when you have the basic products and tools on hand. You can always expand your dog grooming tools when you feel the need, but the items mentioned above can help you get started on some basic grooming that will not only keep your pooch clean and fresh but will bring the two of you closer as well.

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