How to get Knots out of Dog Hair

Knots that form in your Shih tzu’s hair can be quite challenging and painful to remove. However there are tips you can work with to make the process less painful where you don’t even have to cut the hair. This means that you have to make sure that the dog’s coat is well taken care of as safe detangling is not possible when it has been severely neglected. You may also want to do it on your own as professional groomers usually don’t have the time and/or patience to detangle the knots and are often too fast to cut and shape. Below is a simple process on how to get knots out of dog hair.

combing and grooming shih tzu hair

Essential tools for the task

Some of the tools that are needed to get knots out of dog hair include:

A small comb specifically leg and mustache comb that is about 4-5” long. A rat tail comb that has a long steel pin at the base. A pin brush that comes with wood or steel pins and without balls on their tips. This is because balls normally damage and drag the hair which makes brushing more complicated. Flea combs that have close set of teeth. A Slicker brush that are specifically designed for dogs with double cotton coats. Detangling products- conditioning serums and sprays are important when it comes to getting knots out of dog hair. These particular items can easily be bought from pet stores but you have to be careful to avoid the ones that have harsh chemicals claiming to melt away the knots.

Once you have selected all the items needed, it is important to look for a comfortable place where you will work on detangling your precious pet. Use a towel on top of a table or any countertop. Your body should also be used to block the pet from jumping once you start the combing process. Remember never to leave the dog on a surface that is high from the floor without attendance.

Detangling process

As you go about the process of getting the knots out of your dog’s hair keep in mind that it should be done before giving her a bath. This is because water can make the knots tighter. The only exception is when the dog is really dirty or has urine as here you are supposed to wash it before you go ahead. Combs are ideal when it comes to brushing out the knots. Apply a generous amount of the detangling product on the problem area and use the small mustache and leg comb together with the rat tail comb to detangle the knot softly. The hair tools should be pointed away from the dog’s body downwards. When you are done loosening all the knots comb the dog’s hair in really small sections. Use one hand to hold the hair without pulling on the skin as this helps to prevent injury. This is important as you are not only getting out the knots, you are also helping to stimulate skin circulation and enhance healthy hair growth.

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