Glucosamine for Dogs

Pet owners may go through difficult times whenever they raise their dogs to full potential only to see them rapidly slow down. Regular exercise is needed to loosen muscles and promote growth of new tissues and cartilages. Usually, this process is facilitated by glucosamine which is a natural substance produced in the pet’s body. Even humans and other animals produce glucosamine which is converted to glucosaminoglycan. This substance promotes the growth and repair of tissues and cartilage. As the dog grows older, natural production of glucosamine drops. The slowed down repair process and increased wear on the tissues and bones may lead to painful joints which can progress to arthritis. Fortunately, veterinarians recommend glucosamine for dogs which is a supplement that promotes tissue repair and regrowth.

Benefits of glucosamine for dogs

The advantages of using this supplement are quite obvious and easy to identify although it may take a while to start realizing these benefits. Your dog will be more playful, have more willingness to jump, climb stairs and go for walks. It will also have less stiff muscles and joints with an overall happy demeanor. This component deals with tissue growth and development of healthy cartilages that encourage flexibility and mobility. Other benefits include pain soothing through anti-inflammatory properties, natural restoration of joint health, increased lubrication in joints and improved mobility. There are also fewer glucosamine for dog’s side effects and this supplement will eliminate the need for medications such as NSAIDS which have several negative impacts and only provide minimal pain relief. This supplement is derived from natural ingredients including plant extracts and can be administered in liquid as well as chewable forms.

picture of dog taking supplement - glucosamine for dogsGlucosamine for dogs – Dosage

The most recommended supplement is glucosamine chondroitin for dogs which is administered to boost the level of this vital substance in the pet’s body. Chondroitin is another naturally occurring substance produced in the body of pets. When paired with glucosamine and MMS, the overall effect is much better. The dog may begin with a loading dose which can be administered for several weeks before adopting a maintenance dose. The dog will safely remain on the supplement for the remaining years. Veterinary advice is very important when determining the right dosage. Not all dogs require the same amount and each supplement is administered in different dosage. The vet will evaluate your dog’s health and determine how much and what type of glucosamine supplement is safe. Dosage also varies according to dog size and special seasons. Double doses can be recommended to assess improvement before returning to the normal daily dose. There is no specific cap on how much glucosamine for dogs should be administered. It is important to go with the recommendation given by the manufacturers and vet.

Glucosamine for dogs side effects

It is very rare to establish any side effects resulting from using glucosamine which is why the supplement is highly recommended for pets with arthritis. However, a couple of reactions may bring about some common mild effects. The dog may have allergic reactions particularly those that have shellfish allergies. You can go for plant-derived liquid glucosamine for dogs to prevent such reactions. Other side effects include gas, vomiting and diarrhea among other gastrointestinal symptoms. Vets will generally advice a reducing the dosage or changing meal plans and some ingredients. Dogs that are under other medications to regulate their condition may also experience blood sugar interaction. Nevertheless, such side effects are quite uncommon and appear due to various underlying medical conditions that include immune system and metabolism processes.

Recommended supplements

Although some pet owners have managed to realize progress by administering human glucosamine for dogs, it is advisable to choose formulas that are specifically made for dogs. Joint supplements that contain glucosamine come with various other ingredients to meet specific requirements of the breed and medical condition. Some of the most recommended glucosamine supplements for dogs include Super-joint enhances, Dasuquin with MMS, Soft chews, Phycox and Cosequin among others.


While it is impossible to turn around the aging process for our dogs, we can promote tissue growth and repair as well as development of cartilage and healthy joints. Administering the right amount of glucosamine can go a long way in reducing joint pains and promoting flexibility as well as mobility. Your pet will be happier and stronger without any muscle stiffness or painful joints. Nonetheless, no supplement should be given unless recommended by a professional veterinarian. Always consult your pet’s vet to prescribe the dosage and type of supplement.

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