Dog Breeds

Shih Tzu Rescue Dog for Companionship

It is with no doubt that Shih Tzu rescue dogs are among the commonest pets adored by most people. They have found themselves a soft spot in people’s hearts for various reasons. If you have not yet adopted a Shih Tzu rescue dog for yourself, it is high time you consider having one because of the following reasons. Top 5 reasons to adopt [...]

7 Small Dog Breeds that don’t Shed

Dogs are not just man’s best friend; they make wonderful pets for the whole family. They are intelligent, have unique personalities, are fun to be with most of the time (when they are not tearing up your carpets!) and are known to improve happiness and health wherever they go. Small dogs in particular are favored by many. But there are those of us [...]

The 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

A house is never really a home unless it has a family dog. Around 67 million households across the nation have a pet dog on the property, from little yappers to huge hounds, and our love affair with mutts looks set to continue forever. Amongst those dogs you’ll find a bewildering variety of both pedigrees and mixed dog breeds, but there are a [...]

Healthiest Dog Breeds – My Top 4 Choices

When you go out to buy a dog, you never know how long it is going to live, and that nags you a little bit. Sure, your pet may look healthy, you fall in love with him the moment you see him at the pet shop, and you convince yourself that he is going to stand the test of the time and the [...]