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Most dogs that are suitable for apartments will be small, but that does not mean that all small dogs make suitable apartment pets. In fact, there are larger dogs that would make better apartment pets than some smaller breeds! Take the Great Dane, for example. You may be surprised to find that these dogs would be more suitable for an apartment than a Jack Russell. Why? It all comes down to a breed’s activity level. Despite their huge size, Great Danes are quite placid and require only a certain amount of exercise per day. They are not very active and tend to enjoy lounging about. The smaller Jack Russell, on the other hand, can be quite active, boisterous and requires lots of exercise. An apartment will frustrate a Jack Russell, while a Great Dane can be very comfortable in the same apartment.

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2 Year Old Shih Tzu Needs Adopting

This is a beautiful Shih Tzu that needs a loving home. Is there someone out there that can give this deserving Shih Tzu a loving home?

Baleigh is a 2 yr old stunning white and tan Shih Tzu who weighs eleven pounds. This little girl came into our rescue because she was found and taken to the shelter and her owner never came to collect her so rescue was called. Click here for more information!

Housetraining your Shih Tzu Puppy

When it comes to housetraining and a Shih Tzu, there are many challenges that can arise. In fact, it is going to take patience, diligence, persistence, and consistency if you want to succeed. The secret to success is praising her immensely when she does the right thing.

Shih Tzu puppies are great when it comes to not soiling where they’re housed or confined. For this reason, you should always keep your puppy in a travel kennel whenever you have to step away momentarily. Upon returning, your puppy will be waiting to do her business. As soon as you arrive, take her to her designated potty area. Put her in the spot where you want her to continue to eliminate, and when she does, shower her with praise. You can also offer your puppy a small treat to let her know that you’re extremely pleased.

The next step is to place your Shih Tzu in her designated living area. Whatever area of your home that you choose, make sure that it is an area that’s easy to clean. Avoid carpets, go for tile or linoleum flooring. Keep in mind that your Shih Tzu does not know how to fully control her bladder at this time. This means that there will be some accidents, and she will need to go outside frequently. Whenever your puppy understands that you want her to do her business in the spot that you designated, she will try her best not to go anywhere else.

Do not expect your Shih Tzu puppy to tell you when she needs to go. For the most part, she probably do not know how to tell you yet. Just like young children, a puppy does not know that she needs to go until the very last instant, and at times, the very last second. Therefore, it is totally up to you to keep an eye out for certain signs that she may be ready to do her business and quickly take her to the designated area. Here are some signs that you should look out for: Pacing, circling, whining, sniffing the ground, anxiety, and crying. When noticing these behaviors, you must act immediately, or you could miss the window, and it will be too late.

If your puppy happens to have an accident, please do not punish her. Do not verbally or physically punish your puppy at any time. It is the worst thing that you can do. Your puppy will not be able to associate punishment with her natural bodily functions, especially if some time have passed since the act. The best thing to do is to clean up the mess and use positive reinforcement. Shower your puppy with immense praise when she does the right thing. You have to make housetraining fun so that your puppy would want to join in and please you.

Setting up a regular housetraining schedule is important in how successful you will be. For the most part, young puppies should be let outside every two or three hours. However, there are times when you’re not going to be able to do this. If your Shih Tzu is left alone for a long period of time, keep her in a designated area of the home and cover the floor with housetraining pads or “wee” pads, you can also use newspapers. One thing that I notice about Shih Tzu puppies is the fact that they tend to wander about as they do their business; therefore, do not be alarmed if you notice that she missed the newspapers sometimes. You will need to be patient. As she grows older, she will gain more control over her bladder and bowels. She will also learn how to stay in one place while doing her business.

If the weather is not cooperating, and you cannot take your puppy outside, you will need to train her to use housetraining pads or newspapers. Do not take her outside during bad weather.

Whenever you take your Shih Tzu out to eliminate, it is important that you wait with her. Taking her outside and leaving will only prove to be a distraction, she may forget why she was let outside and try to find you. Then when you finally come back out for her, you won’t know whether or not she did what she was supposed to do. This could cause her to have an accident in the house, which could set her back in her training.

Checking on how your puppy defecates and urinates is also important. Doing this will let you know if she’s having trouble eliminating, has diarrhea, or has worms. You will not know any of this unless you’re there with her. If you notice any of the aforementioned problems, collect a fresh stool specimen and take it the veterinarian for diagnosis.

Proper housetraining requires two-way communication. It is your job to teach your Shih Tzu puppy that she must do her business outside, and it is her job to let you know when she wants to go outside. Do not look for her to warn you by barking, scratching at the door, or getting her leash like you see in the movies. Instead, look for her to act anxious or apprehensive, she will also do some whining, circling, and squatting as well.

Crate Training your Shih Tzu Puppy

A very important part of a Shih Tzu’s education is definitely crate training. Firstly, situate the crate in a safe and secure place where your dog can have some privacy. The crate should also be in a place where you can keep an eye on her and she should be able to see you and the family as well. Do not put the puppy’s crate in an isolated area where she may feel lonely. Puppy socialization greatly depends on exposure to a variety of smells, sounds, activities, and sights.

When you start crate training, you will need to play with your puppy so that she has the opportunity to exercise and have a bowel movement. Put her inside the crate tranquilly with a favorite toy and/or treat, and then close the crate door, and make sure that the house is quiet. Let her stay in the crate for no more than ten minutes. If everything goes according to plan, she should fall fast asleep; however, if she is still awake but stays quiet, take her out after ten minutes and shower her with praise. Repeating this method, progressively extend the time a few minutes more over the next few days.

Whenever your puppy can stay in the crate for at least 2 hours at a time, go ahead and change crate training time from day to evening. Use your puppy’s crate training as a bridge to housetraining. At nighttime, put ample amounts of absorbent bedding inside of the crate and place the crate in the bedroom; therefore, you’d be able to hear her if she needs to eliminate throughout the night. Most puppies do not like to soil their sleeping quarters. If you do have to take her outside at night, try hard not play with her. Wait as long as it takes for her to do her business, shower her with praise, then it is time to put her back into the crate for the remainder of the night. Don’t forget that you still have to wake up as needed throughout the night and early in the morning to let your Shih Tzu do her business. Remember, a Shih Tzu puppy has a very small bladder that cannot hold too much. Fortunately, later in life her bladder and bowels will become stronger, and she’ll be able to control them for up to six hours, which will enable both of you to sleep a lot better.

The crate should not be used as a tool to punish your puppy. Do not put her in the crate when she misbehaves. The crate should be a place where she can go to relax, have some privacy, and be comfortable, not when she’s been a bad girl.

Remember: When you’re not crating your Shih Tzu puppy, do not leave the door on the crate. She can get her feet caught and/or pinched between the crate and the hinged side of the swaying door if it is not detached.

Remember: If your Shih Tzu makes a lot of noise, barking, crying, or scratching at the door when she’s in her crate, ignore her. Let at least five minutes of her being quiet pass before you let her out. If you do let her out, she will perceive that as a reward for barking and scratching.

Checklist of What Every Shih Tzu Puppy Needs

Before you bring home your new Shih Tzu puppy, please make sure that you have everything on the following list:

The first thing you will need is a small collar, a break-away cat collar will do nicely. If you would like to use a buckle collar or slip collar, you may, but only under direct supervision. Do not leave your Shih Tzu alone when using a slip collar or choke collar due to the fact that she could get it caught on objects and strangle to death. As your puppy grows, check the collar as often as possible to make sure that it is not choking her.

A harness is always a good thing to have in addition to a collar. The main difference between the two is that a harness cannot slip off and do not present a choking risk to the puppy. As your puppy gets older, check and adjust the size of the harness accordingly.

All pets should have some form of identification tags. Make sure that all important information is on the tag, such as phone number, work number, or alternate number. Some people put their address on the tags as well, however, if you’re not comfortable with that, the phone numbers are fine.

A light leash is all a Shih Tzu will need; in fact, a show lead will be perfect. Avoid getting a retractable leash, which can cause injury and are not ideal for training.

Your puppy’s food and water dishes should be ceramic or stainless steel. Abstain from using plastic or rubber dishes, which has the propensity to cause skin irritation as well as rashes around the mouth and chin.

A Shih Tzu will have no problem learning to drink from a water bottle with a sipper tube. You can hang the bottle from an exercise pen or travel kennel door. This is a better way for a Shih Tzu to drink because the water does not spill and it does not get their faces wet, which could get a little stinky if not dried thoroughly.

Always get your pet top quality puppy food. If you do not know what type of food to get her, just ask the breeder you purchased her from or her veterinarian for some ideas on what you should feed her. However, the breeder that you purchased her from should have already given some ideas on what foods to get her. Try not to make too many changes to her diet.

All beds, pillows, and blankets should be made of natural fibers, such as cotton or wool. Many of the bedding and other synthetic pet materials contain allergy causing items, such as cedar shavings.

A crate can be used as a small little dog house. You can get a plastic travel kennel or wire crate with a removable floor plan. I love crates because they’re lightweight, easy to clean, well-ventilated, offers privacy, and are non-porous. They’re also excellent for housetraining. Remember, get a crate that your Shih Tzu can stand, sit, and turn around in with comfort.

An exercise pen or x-pen is a great way for your puppy to play and exercise while under direct supervision. You can find these folding pens in numerous sizes with different attachments for dishes and water bottles.

Safety gates are important because they serve as a barrier for closing off certain areas of the home that you do not want accessed by your puppy, such as a stair way or the kitchen. They’re great for preventing escape or injury.

Basic grooming supplies that you should have on hand are stiff bristle brushes or slicker brushes, nail trimmers, styptic powder, puppy shampoo, ear cleaning solution, soft towels, paper towels, conditioning rinse, wide-toothed metal comb, scissors, and nail files.

Your Shih Tzu puppy should have plenty of toys that are safe and interesting to play with, such as balls, soft chewable toys, and chew toys that are durable. Abstain from purchasing toys that contain miniature bells, buttons, whistles, or other items that can be seen as a choking risk.

Housetraining pads are also great for puppies, you can find them at pet stores. They’re also called wee pads.

A pooper scooper is also recommended, you can also find them at pet stores in a variety of sizes.

Top Tips for Caring for a Shih Tzu Puppy

Ok, the weeks and months of searching for the perfect Shih Tzu puppy has now come to fruition. It is now time to bring the little bundle of joy home and introduce her to the new surroundings. Hopefully you have everything prepared so that your new puppy can quickly adapt to her new family members and lifestyle.

The first thing you will need to do is some puppy-proofing.

Unfortunately, some of the characteristics we’ve grown to love about the Shih Tzu such as her outgoing personality, hectic activity, curiosity, and small size presents some of the biggest problems for their safety.

Therefore, you will have to puppy-proof your home, yard, and garden. Make sure you check everywhere for perils that can lead to potential dangerous situations for your little Shih Tzu puppy. You will need to get rid of them or make access to them impossible for the puppy.

Always know where your puppy is, do not step on her! Remember, puppy’s like to stay close and follow you around. She will always be under you, so please be careful where you step.

Make sure you know what your puppy is doing at all times. Here are some things that you should take note of when puppy-proofing your home.

Keep a lookout: Try to get as low as possible so that you’re at the eye-level of your puppy, so that you can see what type of dangers your Shih Tzu puppy may run into.

Windows, doors, and furniture: Keep all doors and windows closed. Always prevent your puppy from climbing up on furniture. Falling off of furniture could injure her. Furniture that’s pushed up under open windows should never be accessible to your Shih Tzu, because she could climb up and fall out. Keep an eye out for your puppy when around gliding, reclining, and rocking chairs, she could get crushed.

Keep cabinets closed: Make sure that all cabinets are securely fastened, especially if they contain household cleaning chemicals. And keep products from the edge of cabinets so they cannot fall on her.

Avoid painting baseboards and walls with toxic, lead-based paints or toxic varnishes.

Keep her away from electrical cords and appliances: Make sure to always unplug electrical cords of items that you’re not using and put them somewhere that your puppy cannot reach them. Many Shih Tzu puppy’s die every year of electrical shock from gnawing on electrical cords. Not to mention, it can also cause fire in your home.

Keep toilet lids down: You do not want your puppy drinking out of the toilet. She can also fall in and drown. If possible, please keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

Garage: If you allow your puppy entry into the garage, please make sure that all sharp objects, tools, chemicals, and other poisons are out of reach. Many pets die of antifreeze poisoning every year, which is commonly found on garage floors. It has a sweet taste that animals love. Ingesting antifreeze in small amounts can cause devastating effects such as kidney damage and death.

Hazardous yard materials: Make sure there are no holes in your fence or gate. And make sure that they’re closed securely. You should also keep her away from toxic and chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and cocoa mulch, which are poisonous to pets.

Hazardous Plants: If you have poisonous plants in your garden or home such as foxglove, lily of the valley, and philodendron, please make sure that your pet cannot gain access. You can also check with a nursery or your local vet for other plants that may pose a threat to your puppy.

Foreign Substances: Keep all foreign substances such as rubber bands, balls, coins, children’s toys, pens, needles buttons, and other like items out of the reach of your puppy. For instance, pennies are extremely high in zinc, which can lead to zinc poisoning or choking.

Thrash: Please keep your Shih Tzu away from garbage where she may end up eating rotten food, plastic, bones, aluminum, or other items that could be hazardous to her health. Many dogs fall victim to garbage poisoning, which is a common form of food poisoning. The cause of this particular form of food poisoning are bacteria and other toxins that form on old as well as decaying foods.

Prescription drugs and candy: Keep all medicines and candy out of the reach of your Shih Tzu puppy. Although chocolate is a delectable treat for humans, it is highly toxic for dogs. Choking and suffocation can occur when hard candies are consumed. Common everyday medicines such as aspirin, naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen can also be fatal to your Shih Tzu.

Swimming pools: Remember to keep all swimming pools and/or Jacuzzis covered.

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